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Westkirk Presbyterian Church

Students (6th-12th)


Westkirk Presbyterian Church Student Ministries (WPCSM) exists TO KNOW CHRIST AND MAKE HIM KNOWN among middle school and senior high students here at Westkirk, in the Des Moines metro area, and beyond. We seek to fulfill our mission by enfolding non-believing students, encouraging students with Christian relationships, equipping them in their faith, and unleashing them into the world in order to exalt God with their lives.

As a ministry, we take as our theme verse…

1 Thessalonians 2:8 (NIV)

"We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us."

The WPCSM team, led by Pastor Styles Stadtlander, desires to “share life” with students and their families. This “shared life” provides a ground in which, partnering with parents and families, we can go about the work of planting and watering the seed of faith in students. At the same time, it is the vantage point from which we can watch as the Lord, Himself, causes it to grow!

We believe that the Lord uses the Holy Spirit to convict and transform the lives of students. He has chosen to use the local church in this process. Therefore we believe it is important for students to “share life” not only with parents and WPCSM leaders, but with the church itself. We encourage this through expecting students to worship regularly, in providing opportunities for inter-generational involvement, and allowing students to testify to God’s work in their lives. In this manner, students not only benefit from being members of Westkirk Presbyterian Church, but are also a benefit to the rest of the congregation.


Student Ministry @ Sunday School - 9:00 AM –10:00 AM

Westminster Shorter Catechism Class

6th-12th Grades

Location: Student Classroom (downstairs)

Led by Pastor Styles Stadtlander & Student Ministry Volunteer Rocky Vest



School Ministry @ W.O.W. - 6:15-7:30 PM

Our students, 6th - 12th grade, and volunteers gather on Wednesday evenings for games, fellowship, teaching, and discussion. This is all centered around the infallible Word of God This semester, we have been working our way through 1st Peter, and seeing how we are a people called to a living hope, and what that looks like on a practical, day to day, basis. 

Adult Leaders: Amy Stadtlander, Gary Gannon, Meredith


Students Serving

Westkirk Student Ministries desires to assist students in putting their faith into practice in the area of serving. We try to provide regular times for our students to serve on Wednesday evenings (Middle School) and Sunday afternoons (High School). Our students have been involved in serving dinner to the elementary-aged kids at Freedom for Youth, packaging meals with Meals from the Heartland, and more!


Westkirk SmokeOut Fundraiser!

Be on the lookout for our event TBD in Spring of 2022!



MARK YOUR CALENDARS and plan on joining us in the Great Hall for a delicious meal of smoked meats and classic BBQ sides prepared by our very own, Brad Miller and Shannon Springer. Proceeds from this event will go to support Westkirk's Student Ministry Fund!