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Westkirk Presbyterian Church

Small Group

What is a Housekirk?

  • At Westkirk we call our small groups Housekirks

  • A Westkirk Housekirk is a group of 8 - 12 individuals who purposefully gather to encourage growth in Jesus Christ and have the loving guidance of a facilitator. Members of the group share the responsibility for treats and hosting the group in their home.

  • Group members meet at least twice a month in homes to socialize, pray, study, and to serve each other and their church community.

  • Members of the group agree as to the day and time of their meeting.

  • Groups are encouraged to grow in number by inviting both churched and unchurched neighbors and friends into their group with the intent to grow and split up into new groups.



Why do we have Small Groups at Westkirk?

The Housekirk ministry at Westkirk is a biblical way for congregations to serve members' needs, equip them for a life of discipleship and reach out to others with Jesus' love.


We do this through.....

  • Community

  • Care

  • Discipleship

  • Evangelism

  • Assimilation

  • Spiritual Growth


Housekirk Connections

If you are not in a group and are interested in joining or forming a Housekirk, please contact the church office at 253-0330