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Westkirk Presbyterian Church

Children's At-Home Resources

Week of March 29

Sermon Notes for this Week

Click below, and ask an adult to print the pages for you. Complete the sermon notes while you're watching the sermon online at home,  just like you do each week during Worship.  Have an adult email a pic of your notes to , and I'll get a reward to you.  (If you don't have a printer, email me and I'll get a copy to you.)  

Kids Sermon Notes March 29, 2020


Family Sunday School

Click below on the links to Great Commission Publications' series, "Jesus is God."  It's written for all ages in your family to enjoy together. The lesson each week will be  taught by my friend Miss B.A.  She loves Jesus and kids and teaching kids about Jesus!    Adults will want to check out the Parent Page, and possibly print the Coloring Page for the kids.  Read and talk about the scripture, then watch the video, discuss some more, and pray together to end the lesson.  

Lesson 2 -- March 29

This page is for parents:  Jesus Calms the Storm Parent Page

This page is for kids: Jesus Calms the Storm Activity Page

This video is for the whole family:  Jesus Calms the Storm -- Mark 4:35-41

Previous Weeks

Family Fun -- Scavenger Hunt!!!! 

I miss you all! Just for fun, I'm hosting a photo scavenger hunt for children 5th grade and under! Participants names will be put in a drawing to win a Chick-Fil-A gift card!   Here are the details:

Take a photo of yourself with the following items and submit to me by Saturday, March 28 at 7:00 pm. Siblings may enter together or separately. Remember, you must be in each pic! Please put all 10 pictures in one email, and send them to me at
1) Taking a hike.
2) Silly selfie face
3) With an animal (real or stuffed)
4) Reading your Bible.
5) Reading a book
6) Playing a game
7) Making your bed
8) Doing a chore
9) Singing a song
10) Building a fort


Homeschooling?  Why not HomeWOW?  The Rohloff family has developed a lesson plan for what we're calling HomeWOW, and has kindly shared it with our church family!  Click on the links below for a lesson plan.

HomeWOW March 25 2020

Also below are some Youtube links for an at-home verson of WOW worship.  (Don't worry if you don't know the words -- all of these are lyric videos)
Our hope is that knowing other families are doing the same thing at the same time eases the cabin fever, helps you lead your families in meaningful spiritual growth and have some fun together!